Purpose of aham App

aham understands that the body, breath, senses, mind and behaviour all work intricately together to both push you down or to help you soar.

Inside the aham App

aham App can help to connect with ourselves, by empowering us with effective modules to deal with various life’s challenges to address various lifestyle disorders, mental afflictions, lack of motivation etc.

About Us

AHAM is an initiative from DREAMBOAT VENTURES PVT. LTD, KERALA, INDIA. The team consists of experienced members from Media and Global Telecom Industry.

NUTHAN MANOHAR – Chief Content Conceiver

She is an MBA and MSc in Yoga and a Behavior Specialist. She has over 15 years of expertise in influencing community and individual behavior and has been selected as among the top yoga therapists in India. She teaches across South East Asia, Middle East and Europe and has won various national and international awards for excellence in yoga.